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Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Six Ways 'Til Sunday formed in the winter of 2002 after a chance meeting of Jacob Bunton and Barry Waldrep.

"My rock band Lynam was making a new record" says Bunton. "We had a rap song and I wanted to put banjo on the track. I had seen Barry play a couple of times and was completely blown away by his talent."

"So one night I went to one of his shows and recruited him to play on the track." After that, the two quickly became good friends and started writing songs together. "I had never really heard Bluegrass before I met Barry, but once I heard it I was hooked" says Bunton. "Bluegrass just seemed to have so much passion and conviction and the fast songs were not all that different from the rock music that I grew up listening to."

The different musical backgrounds of the two make for an interesting combination. Waldrep grew up playing traditional Bluegrass with his fathers band while Bunton grew up playing in rock bands. As a child, Waldrep even had the opportunity to play with the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. "Our goal is to bring Bluegrass music to people that normally wouldn't listen and also appeal to the traditionalists" says Bunton. "I started playing guitar about the same time I was learning to walk" jokes waldrep. "Music has always been my life ever since I can remember."

Six Ways 'Til Sunday entered the studio with producer Jason Elgin and recorded an album of Bluegrass originals written by Bunton and Waldrep. Their self titled debut CD is filled with catchy hooks and sing along choruses that are sure to appeal to the masses. Weather your love is Bluegrass, Rock or Country music, Six Ways 'Til Sunday will have you singing along to their songs.
Get the CD!